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    Happy Pondiversary!

  2. Zombieland • 2009

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    Sixth Doctor Colin Baker has said that David Tennant and Matt Smith are responsible for introducing more females to Doctor Who.

    Speaking to Red Carpet News TV about Peter Capaldi, Baker said: “Peter’s a grown up, not like all these bloody kids who’ve been playing it for the past 10 years! I’m glad an older actor has been asked to play the part.

    “To be fair to both David and Matt they may be young in years, but their performances convinced me they were 900-years-old going on a 1000.”

    He added: “They’ve got a female market now as a result of those two young guys. Girls are now watching it. Hopefully they will continue to once they see and older man playing the part.”

    Doctor Who Series 8 will air in August 2014 on BBC One.

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    You guys are amazing! All of you!  I just reached a follower mark that I never fathomed I would see, and I want to celebrate! So, I am holding a giveaway!

    There will be 3 winners of this giveaway! And the contest will run for 2 weeks.

    • The 1st place winner will receive:

    -A copy of Yana Toboso’s Black Butler Artworks Book volume 1 (2014).
    -Your choice of an 8x12 - 12x18 print of one of my artworks.
    -Your choice of 2 three ounce pouches of my Black Butler Tea Blends.
    -A ‘quick paint’ (example here 1, 2) digital art piece by me, of a character of your choice.
    -A Cards Against Humanity Second Expansion Deck.

    • The 2nd place winner will receive:

    -A copy of Nijishitsuji 1, Black Butler Manga Anthology Book.
    -A copy of Nijishitsuji 2, Black Butler Manga Anthology Book.
    -A ‘sketch’ (example here 1, 2) digital art piece by me, of a character of your choice.
    -Your choice of 1 three ounce pouch of my Black Butler Tea Blends.

    • The 3rd place winner will receive:

    -A copy of Yana Toboso’s Character Guide Art Book
    -Your choice of 1 three ounce pouch of my Black Butler Tea Blends.



    • The giveaway prizes are limited to US residences ONLY. (I am so sorry to my out of the U.S. followers! I regret having to limit it, but shipping is just too much for me to ship out of the states. If you live outside of the U.S. and you want to pay for the shipping costs, I will ship it to you.) Otherwise, I will only pay for the shipping to U.S. residents.
    • You may reblog up to 2 times a day.
    • Likes don’t count.
    • You have to be following me to win the 1st place prize.  But you don’t have to be following me to win 2nd, and 3rd. (but it would be nice ^_~ )
    • The contest ends on August 2nd, 2014.
    • The winners will be chosen randomly from all entries.
    • I will contact the winners once the contest ends, and they will have 3 days to get back to me with their shipping address and necessary information.
    • You MUST have your ask box open, and respond privately. If you do not have your ask box open, and do not respond within the stated time, another winner will be randomly selected.
    • Good Luck!

    **Disclaimer Concerning Drawings**
    -I will draw well known characters, as well as original characters. But please keep in mind my art style; the beings I draw are humanoid in design, please do not ask me to draw things like a transformer, furry, my little pony, or a mercedes benz.
    -If you select a character that isn’t from the Kuroshitsuji universe, be prepared to supply me with ample links to pictures for character reference. The same goes for OCs, a lot of info will be needed.
    -I retain artistic license: “The freedom to create an artwork on the artist’s interpretation.” Meaning, you are welcome to suggest a pose etc.. but if it isn’t working out, or if I think another pose/angle/composition/look etc.. would be better, then I will do it that way instead.
    -Please keep in mind that I am a -very slow- artist, and it may take me forever to complete your piece, but I won’t forget about you. — Likewise if you see me working on other projects instead of yours, it doesn’t mean I have scrapped yours. Sometimes I juggle many things at a time :)

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    get the fuck out

    What the duckin duck


    I think my mind broke at this sight.

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    "the wildly regretful parent who accidentally cosplayed Doctor who"

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    I’m sort of okay with this.

    bless america this is fantastic

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    These are the people you’re going to burn.

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    itS BACK


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