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    I don’t remember where I was, but I remembered that I hated everyone there.

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    When you’re giving a speech and forget what you’re supposed to say

  3. Reblog if you will answer LITERALLY ANY anon questions.




    Bring it. 

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    I have watched this at least 15 times since I reblogged this several hours ago

    im reblogging this again because i’ve been thinking about it for 24 hours and ths is one of those vines i desperately wish was longer

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    A transparent, tightrope-walking William T. Spears to celebrate the new episode!

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  6. hildren  that  have  seen  too  much

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  7. sugoimoyashi asked: Shinji or Armin? °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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    Dont. Stop. Believin’.

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    Pitbulls aren’t evil, the bastards who put them against each other are.

    the fuckin dog is like

    should i lick the bun

    i’m gonna lick the bun

    *licks the bun*

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  10. mizgnomer:

    Behind the scenes of New Earth

    Interviewer: YOU SNOG WITH DAVID.

    Billie: I’m telling you, she’s a little minx.


    Billie: How do they compare? Oh, I don’t know.

    David: I’m sitting right here.

    Billie: Different, just different. They’re different men. I don’t know how to answer that, really. Both great. I had a longer kiss with you, which I really enjoyed.

    David: But you were more proactive in this kiss.

    Billie: Yeah.

    David: You were making it happen.

    Billie: Yeah. It was quite sexy. Quite nice lips.

    David: Thanks very much. Yours aren’t too bad either.

    Billie: It was fun.

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    how about you take off your 


    how about 


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    You guys are amazing! All of you!  I just reached a follower mark that I never fathomed I would see, and I want to celebrate! So, I am holding a giveaway!

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    -A Cards Against Humanity Second Expansion Deck.

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    **Disclaimer Concerning Drawings**
    -I will draw well known characters, as well as original characters. But please keep in mind my art style; the beings I draw are humanoid in design, please do not ask me to draw things like a transformer, furry, my little pony, or a mercedes benz.
    -If you select a character that isn’t from the Kuroshitsuji universe, be prepared to supply me with ample links to pictures for character reference. The same goes for OCs, a lot of info will be needed.
    -I retain artistic license: “The freedom to create an artwork on the artist’s interpretation.” Meaning, you are welcome to suggest a pose etc.. but if it isn’t working out, or if I think another pose/angle/composition/look etc.. would be better, then I will do it that way instead.
    -Please keep in mind that I am a -very slow- artist, and it may take me forever to complete your piece, but I won’t forget about you. — Likewise if you see me working on other projects instead of yours, it doesn’t mean I have scrapped yours. Sometimes I juggle many things at a time :)

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